The City is the fifth place your duck(s) get to in Duck Life 4. In there, your ducks will learn Jumping, which is the last skill they need. The tournament is held on a cruise boat according to the yellow duck and there are three ducks that will want to race you; two will give you money and one will give you a ticket to the tournament to get to the final world, the Volcano.


The first training here is dodging bricks and jumping on top of them.

The second training is your duck on a pogo stick jumping over holes.

The third training is a timed trampoline exercise where your duck does tricks on a trampoline using the arrow keys following the instructions on the top-right.


The yellow duck is the second duck that says they can't/don't know how to ____________ But The yellow allows the duck to race with them if they have swimming unlike the white duck in glacier which won't allow the duck to race with them if they have flying