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DuckLife 3: Evolution is the third installment in the Duck Life series, released on May 16th, 2011.[1] It is the sequel to the second Duck life game. While it generally follows the gameplay of the previous two games, the player now gets to choose one of four ducks to train, each with its own strengths and weaknesses. Despite the name, the ducks grow, not evolve.

Duck Types[]

Strength Duck[]

Running Swimming Climbing Flying

Amateur: Baby Duck; Advanced: Beefy Duck; Professional: Strength Duck.

Athletic Duck[]

Running Swimming Climbing Flying

Evolutions: Baby Duck (Amateur), Lanky Duck (Advanced), Athletic Duck (Also known as Athlete Duck in HTML Version) (Professional)

Flying Duck[]

Duck-life-3 (1)
Running Swimming Climbing Flying
C B C A+

Evolutions: Baby Duck (Amateur), Birdy Duck (Advanced), Bird (Professional)

Swimming Duck[]

20200329 140915
Running Swimming Climbing Flying
C A+ C B

Evolutions: Baby Duck (Amateur), Ugly Duck (Advanced) and Merduck-Fish (Also known as Mer-Duck in HTML Version) (Professional)

Supreme Duck New

Supreme Duck[]

Running Swimming Climbing Flying
A+ A+ A+ A+

Evolutions: None

They have 6 races in total, and the final is the last race against the Champion Duck, which is the final boss.


The Amateur location is located in the Grassland. The maximum level for all ducks is 50.


Grassland from Duck Life 3 (Flash)

The Running facility is like the previous two horizontal grassland with rolling objects that need to be jumped over. The objects can be jumped on, only this time there is also a tennis ball that bounces around during training, so you have a higher chance of getting hit which will end training. The Amateur League is on the red Farm.

The Swimming facility is a flat endless body of water with obstacles that either need to be jumped over or dove under. Going off-screen ends the training.

Climbing is an endless narrow path with obstacles where the duck needs to switch sides to dodge. Going off-screen ends the training.

Flying is an endless sky that needs to be flew over. Other than yellow coins, there are purple coins that keep the duck flying. Touching the water or getting to 1 mph ends the training.



London from Duck Life 3 (Flash)

The advanced location is located on London. The maximum level is now 100.

Training Facilities:[]

Running now has changing platforms that need to be jumped on to.

Swimming now takes place in a waterway channel instead of a body of water and a spike platform MUST NOT be touched. However if you do decide to touch it, then your duck will get stuck, and you lose the minigame shortly after.

Climbing has no change except for the buildings that need to be climbed.

Flying has no warning signs but instead an arrow sign that points where you need to fly. The Advanced League.


The professional location is located on Easter Island. The maximum level is 150.

Training Facilities:[]

Running is an obstacle course instead of rolling objects where you have to avoid obstacles. Touching an obstacle ends training.

Swimming now takes place in a cave instead of a body of water or a waterway channel. The cave walls should not be touched.

Duck Life 3 Evolution walkthrough

Easter island from Duck Life 3 (Flash)

Climbing now has lava below the duck. The duck can speed up by pressing up. And the duck can slow down by pressing down. The Picture shows the Professional League in Easter Island.

Flying is the same, except there are both warnings and arrows.

There can be a glitch where you can be both advanced and professional but it happens randomly.

Along with that glitch, there is another glitch with a possibility that you may be transported from the amateur league to the professional league instead of the advanced league. This also happens randomly.

The Lair of the Champion Duck (Final Area)[]

The Lair of the Champion Duck

The Lair Of The Champion Duck from Duck Life 3 (HTML5/Retro Pack)

After winning the final race in the Professional League, a portal opens to the champion's lair. When travelled through, the player's duck (regardless of which type they chose) becomes the Supreme Duck. The training and race selection buttons have been replaced with the last race of the game, and requires the duck to be leveled up to 150 in all skills. There are Domo-kuns in the way which can be destroyed by clicking them. When touched, something unpleasant happens to the duck. After winning this race, the player is rewarded the following items:

  • Throne Room
  • Arcade (High Score Training and Domo-kun Shootout included)
  • 500,000 coins

Throne Room[]

The Throne Room contains a similar setting to the champion duck's lair, except that the player's duck is now sitting on a throne, along with a plaque of all of the duck types the player evolved so far. The Final Race button has been replaced with the arcade and Your Ducks. When opening the league selection screen, the Throne Room becomes accessible at any time.

Dark Supreme Duck

Champion Duck



The glitch, in action

  • There is a glitch in this game that makes ducks appear to be glued together in training.
  • When the glitch is happening, it is most likely it will be the athletic duck glued with yours. If you're playing as the athletic duck, then there is most likely no glitch.
  • This is one of the 3 games included with Duck Life: Retro Pack, along with Duck Life: Origin and Duck Life 2: World Champion.
  • This is the first game in the series to introduce achievements.
  • The Duck Shop from both Duck Life and Duck Life 2: World Champion has been completely removed, most likely due to the evolution system.
  • In amateur Swimming training, if you jump high enough you can jump over the flag boat.
  • In advanced Swimming training, if you time it correctly, you can go underneath the submarine.
  • This is the first game with a different styled swimming training.
  • There is a glitch: When you win the final race the game sometimes will not give give you 500,000 coins, although it says it did.
  • Something weird about this game is that most of the the Duck Life games have the word as Duck Life, but this one has it spelling like Duck Life. (There is no space)
  • The ducks "evolving" is actually growing.



  • Wealthy: Collect a coin
  • Winner: Win a race
  • Unhelpful: Fly backwards in Flying Training
  • Relentless: Disqualify an opponent
  • Advanced: Reach the Advanced League
  • Professional: Reach the Professional League
  • Ultimate: Level up your duck completely
  • Traveler: Enter the Portal
  • Champion: Beat the Champion Duck
  • Godly: Beat the game with all four duck types


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