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Duck Life 3: Evolution is the third installment in the Duck Life Series, released on May 6, 2011. It is the sequel to the second Duck life game. While it generally follows the gameplay of the previous two games, the player now gets to choose one of four ducks to train, each with its own strengths and weaknesses. The ducks, as the name suggests, evolve.

Duck Types[]

  • Strength Type
Running Swimming Climbing Flying

Evolutions: Baby Duck (Amateur), Strong Duck (Advanced), Beefy Duck (Professional)

  • Athletic Type
Running Swimming Climbing Flying

Evolutions: Baby Duck (Amateur), Lanky Duck (Advanced), Athletic Duck (Professional)

  • Flying Type
    Duck-life-3 (1).jpg
Running Swimming Climbing Flying
C B C A+

Evolutions: Baby Duck (Amateur), Birdy Duck (Advanced), Bird (Professional)

  • Swimming Type

20200329 140915.jpg

Running Swimming Climbing Flying
C A+ C B

Evolutions: Baby Duck (Amateur), Ugly Duck (Advanced) and Merduck-Fish (Professional)

  • Ultimate Duck Type
Running Swimming Climbing Flying
A+ A+ A+ A+

Evolutions: Baby Duck (Amateur), White Lanky Duck (Advanced), White Athletic Duck (Professional)

It starts with a farmer inventing genetically modified ducks which make them better in certain skills.

They have 6 races total, and the final has the last race against the supreme duck, also known as the boss.


The location takes place on a generic farm. The maximum level for all ducks is 50.


The Running facility is like the previous two horizontal grassland with rolling objects that need to be jumped over. The objects can be jumped on. Only this time, there is also a tennis ball that bounces around during training, so you have a higher chance of getting hit which will end training. The Amateur League on the Farm.

The Swimming facility is a flat endless body of water with obstacles that either need to be jumped over or dove under. Going off-screen ends the training. click the barn..

Climbing is an endless narrow path with obstacles where the duck needs to switch sides to dodge. Going off-screen ends the training.

Flying is an endless sky that needs to be flew over. Other than yellow coins, there are purple coins that keep the duck flying. Touching the water or getting to 1 mph ends the training.


The location takes place in London. The maximum level is now 100

Training Facilities:[]

Running now has changing platforms that need to be jumped on to.

Swimming has a spike platform that MUST NOT be touched.

Climbing has no change except for the buildings that need to be climbed


Flying has no warning signs but instead an arrow sign that points where you need to fly. The Advanced League.


The professional location is located on Easter Island. The maximum level is 150

Training Facilities:[]

Running is an obstacle course instead of rolling objects.

Swimming now takes place in a cave instead of a body of water. The cave walls should not be touched.

Duck Life 3 Evolution walkthrough.jpg

Climbing now has lava below the duck. The duck can speed up by pressing up. And the duck can slow down by pressing down. The Picture shows the Professional League in Easter Island.

Flying is the same, except there are both warnings and arrows.

There can be a glitch where you can be both advanced and professional but it happens randomly.

along with that glitch, there is another glitch with a possibility that you may be transported from the amateur league to the professional league instead of the advanced league. This also happens randomly

Black Supreme Duck (Boss) Race[]

The final race against the Boss requires the duck to be leveled up completely. There are Domo-kuns in the way which can be destroyed by clicking them. When touched, they do something unpleasant to the duck. The supreme duck is now dark gray and the champion is white.

After the race is finished, you can start the game over with a different duck type.


Supreme Duck (dark gray)



Winner: Reach the Advanced League

Professional: Reach the Professional League

Ultimate: Level up your duck completely

Champion: Beat the Champion Duck

Godly: Beat the game with all four duck types