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Duck Life (also known as Duck Life: Origin in the Retro Pack or Duck Life 1) is the first installment in the Duck Life series, released on February 28th, 2010. In this game, the player trains a duck (later revealed to be Dory) to win races in order to raise enough money to save the farm. Duck Life features three training levels, which in turn level up your duck. The higher the level, the faster they perform in races. Many cosmetics can be purchased using coins, collected in the training. The game is considered an early entry into the popular 'animal sim' games genre, and is commonly associated with the online educational gaming site Coolmath Games. There are 8 other entries in the Duck Life series.

Play on:

- Official website

- Coolmath Games (Fandom Page)

Skills & Training[]

Hat chart[]

Image Name Unlock Requirements
Ducklife Hat
Flat Cap Unlocked from the start
Bowler Hat Unlocked from winning Natural World
Propeller Hat Unlocked from winning Rooftop Jumping
Liberty Spikes Unlocked from winning Volcano Challenge
Crown Unlocked from winning World Championship


Screen Shot 2014-05-08 at 7.38

Paint won't affect the duck's performance just like hats but it can make the player's duck look good. Each paint costs 50 coins. The player's duck starts with Classic Yellow paint and can return to this state by resetting the duck's color. Here is the list of paint and their unlocking requirements.

Paint chart[]

Image Name Unlock Requirements
Hazel Brown Unlocked from the Start
Juicy Orange Unlocked from winning Green Valley
Crazy Red Unlocked from winning Rocky Cliff
Deep Purple Unlocked from winning Shallow Lake
Boring Grey Unlocked from winning Banister Climb
Midnight Black Unlocked from winning Leap of Faith or by touching the lava in Over the Volcano
Pretty Pink Unlocked from winning Swimming Pool
Snow White Unlocked from winning Up the Volcano
Lime Green Unlocked from winning Over the Volcano
Sky Blue Unlocked from winning Across the River


Screenshot 2020-04-11 at 5.47

Regular seeds, which cost one coin, will only increase your energy which you need to make it through longer races, but skill seeds, which cost ten coins will increase your energy along with all your skills (section 1). These are crucial, as if you have no energy in races, the race will end before you finish, thus losing. However, at the start of the game, the game gives you 5 seeds, leveling you up to level 2.6.

If playing Duck Life on Poki[]

  • Instead of earning 5 seeds, you earn 4 seeds and 4 super seeds, leveling you up to energy level 14 2/5.
  • Seed earns you + 3/5 energy; Super Seed earns you + 3 energy and doesn't upgrade any skills.


Completing a race will reward you with a cash bonus, and a step closer to the world championship race which you need to complete to beat the game.

The more difficult the race, the more skill its skill tested category will require.

Race chart

Category Name Skill Tested Rewards
Beginner (levels 10-40) Green Valley Running 50 coins and Juicy Orange Unlocked
Rocky Cliff Flying 50 coins and Crazy Red Unlocked
Shallow Lake Swimming 50 coins and Deep Purple Unlocked
Natural World All 50 coins and Bowler Hat Unlocked
Amateur (levels 40-100) Banister Climb Running 100 coins and Boring Grey Unlocked
Leap of Faith Flying 100 coins and Midnight Black Unlocked
Swimming Pool Swimming 100 coins and Pretty Pink Unlocked
Rooftop Jumping All 100 coins and Propeller Hat Unlocked
Expert (levels 100+) Up the Volcano Running 200 coins and Snow White Unlocked
Over the Volcano Flying 200 coins and Lime Green Unlocked
Across the River Swimming 200 coins and Sky Blue Unlocked
Volcano Challenge All 200 coins and Liberty Spikes Unlocked
World Championship World Championship All 200,000 coins, a new farm*, and Crown unlocked.

*The farm is not actually shown to the player.


  • This is one of the 3 games included in Duck Life: Retro Pack, along with Duck Life 2: World Champion and Duck Life 3: Evolution.
  • The Unity version of Duck Life game increased the max energy to 150, just like the Running, Flying, and Swimming levels can.
  • If you buy large amounts of normal seed (50-100) and use it all without moving your mouse, you will get an infinite amount of seed, and if you go past the amount you bought, you will go into the negatives. You can still get seed, even after going into the negatives by clicking where your seed pile would be.
  • The games soundtrack was composed by Becky Wixon
    Screenshot 2021-09-24 5.51

    The negative seed glitch.



Goose seen in game

  • If you look out-of-bounds on the Flash version of Duck Life, you can see a goose watching you. This was confirmed by the developers as a mistake/file they forgot to remove, and is even referenced in Duck Life: Adventure.[1]



Duck Life 1 first appearance in Arcadetown

  • The details for its original release date are quite fuzzy, but it seems the release date for the game was on February 28th, 2010, according to a screenshot of a Wayback Machine snapshot of Arcadetown, which was the site where the game was originally published. This is supported by the fact that most sponsored games are exclusive to the page of the sponsor for a few days, and Duck Life 1 was released on Newgrounds and other sites on March 5th.
    However, the site's main page does not contain a screenshot from February 28. The way that the release date can be proven correct is by looking for a game that got released on February 27, and if the game does contain a screenshot from the next day, Duck Life can be expected to appear in the "New games" section.



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