Duck Life is the first game in the DuckLife series, released in 2009. In this game, you train your duck so you can win races for money to save the farm.

Story Edit

The game starts off with your farm getting destroyed by a tornado. All that survived is 1 duck egg that hatches. You decide to train the duck to win races so you can earn money to rebuild the farm.

Training Edit

Running Training Edit

This is used to increase the running level. In Running training, you use up to jump. The obstacles are rolling logs and boulders which you have to jump over. You go faster as the level progresses, and your starting speed is quicker. If you touch an obstacle, the training is over.

Flying Training Edit

This is used to increase the flying level. In Flying Training, you use the left and right arrow keys to collect coins if possible. Try to avoid the water at the bottom. Eventually, you will start falling, and when you stop, even pressing up will make you fall. If you touch the water, the training is over. Your duck will move faster depending on the ducks flying level.

Swimming Training Edit

This is used to increase the swimming level. In Swimming Training, you use up to jump and down to dive. Try to avoid obstacles and get coins if possible by using these buttons. If you get caught from an obstacle and get pushed off screen, the training is over.

Shop Edit

Hats Edit

Screen Shot 2014-05-08 at 7.38.55 AM

Hats won't affect the duck's performance but it can give the duck a stylish look. They are (from first to last) Flat Cap (unlocked from start), Bowler Hat (unlocked from winning Natural World race in Beginner races), Propeller hat (unlocked from winning Rooftop Jumping race in Amateur races), Liberty Spikes (unlocked from winning Volcano Challenge in Expert races) and Crown (unlocked from winning against the champion). All of them except Crown cost 100 coins.

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Paint Edit

Paint won't affect the duck's performance just like hats but it can make your duck look good. Each paint cost 50 coins.

Seed Edit

Regular Seed can increase only energy level while Super Seed trains all skills at once. Regular Seed costs 1 coin and Super Seed costs 10 coins. Both of the seeds (when purchased) can be eaten by the duck in the main menu by clicking on them and dragging them to the duck.

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Races Edit

There are three categories for races: Beginner (level 10-40), Amateur (level 40-100) and Expert (level 100+). Each category has 4 races: Running, Flying, Swimming and All-Around. After winning all races in each category, you'll get to race with the world champion. If you win, you'll get 200,000 coins, a new house and a crown.

Category Race Map Type Reward
Beginner Green Valley Running 50 coins and Juicy Orange Paint
Rocky Cliff Flying 50 coins and Crazy Red Paint
Shallow Lake Swimming 50 coins and Deep Purple Paint
Natural World All-Around 50 coins and Bowler Hat
Amateur Banister Climb Running 100 coins and Boring Grey Paint
Leap of Faith Flying 100 coins and Midnight Black Paint
Swimming Pool Swimming 100 coins and Pretty Pink Paint
Rooftop Jumping All-Around 100 coins and Propeller Hat
Expert Up the Volcano Running 200 coins and Snow White Paint
Over the Volcano Flying 200 coins and Lime Green Paint
Across the River Swimming 200 coins and Sky Blue Paint
Volcano Challenge All-Around 200 coins and Liberty Spikes
World Championship World Championship All-Around 200,000 coins and Crown (free)

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Trivia Edit

  • In Expert races, in the flying race, there's lava. If the Flying level is too low, the duck will fall to the lava and turn midnight black.
  • Sometimes, if you launch seeds fast enough towards the left edge, the seeds will bounce off the left edge and disappear on the right edge.