Duck Life Adventure is boring to some people, but fun to other! Bleh.


Intro[edit | edit source]

After opening the game, clicking will start it. Unlike other duck life games, after you create a duck, that duck and the gameplay becomes a save file, and you can create a new duck for multiple save files. After starting the game, you get to design your duck. You can customize its color, hair, eyes, eye, color, and finally, name your duck. Once all of that is complete, your duck celebrates while confetti falls from the ceiling. Your duck then walks into the living room, where a TV is on. On the screen, there is a news reporter interviewing Marco, the champion of adventuring of this game. He admits he didn't break a sweat, and that no duck could defeat him. By watching this, this inspires your duck to become an adventure and runs into the kitchen to tell their mom they want to become an adventurer, just like Marco. Upon hearing this, your duck's mom instantly refuses and tells them that they are going to become a rich "duck-tor." Upset, your duck runs back into the living room, crying about how they cannot be an adventurer. Suddenly, Marco pops out of the TV, and tells your duck not to listen to their mom and follow their dreams, even telling your duck they could become just like him. Your duck is once again inspired and runs to his/her room. They come out with a bag on a stick and run away from home while their mom is not looking to adventure.

Quack Street[edit | edit source]

Quack Street is the first location in Duck Life Adventure. It is a street near where your duck lives. There are coins to pick up, and ducks to talk to. To advance, just walk to the end where an open sewer drain is located. Jump in, and you'll move on to the next area.

Egg Island[edit | edit source]

3 hours after your duck enters the sewer, he/she emerges to find themselves on an island. Your duck is greeted by Doris "Dory" Dewdrop. Dory explains you are on Egg Island right now. She shows you two bridges. One leads to Battle Town, a town where ducks like to battle. The second leads to Race Town, a town where ducks like racing. You then must pick what path your duck will go on (you'll end up visiting both towns in both paths). The path you choose dictates the sequence of events until reaching the Master Trainer.

Path 1: Battle Town[edit | edit source]

If you chose the bridge leading to battle town, you must go on this path. As soon as you cross the bridge, i b and medals. Once you open the gate, your next objective is to reach Waterfall Village.

The Path to Waterfall Village (Path 1)[edit | edit source]

After walking through the gate, you'll end up in a place called Mallard Meadows. There are no training or shops here; you'll just have to keep going, but there are some ducks you can battle here if you want for more rewards. You must next enter Quack Cave, a dark cave you need to explore to find Waterfall Village. There are ducks to battle in the cave as well. Your map expands as you move, so follow it to the glowing point. Once you exit the cave, you'll need to keep walking and you'll enter Waterfall Village.

Waterfall Village[edit | edit source]

There are two sides of Waterfall Village, each one has different shops and a training dojo. You'll arrive on the ops, ducks who will race you, and a speed training dojo with an orange clock on the front. Speed will increas

The Path to Race Town[edit | edit source]

You must head east until you reach Lonely Lake, where some ducks want to race you. There are 2 paths that will both lead to Race Town. One is Quick Canyon. There are ducks who will race you and it's just desert. Another is Boatside Bay. This path also has ducks who will race you. Both of these paths lead to another area called Plucker's Path, which is just northeast of race town. Keep going southwest, and then you'll be in race town.

Race Town (Path 1)[edit | edit source]

At the entrance to the town, you'll once again be greeted by Dory. Dory explains the tournament on Egg Island is now open, and there is a jumping trainer in Race Town. Jumping will allow you to train in jumping.

Jumping Beginner Training[edit | edit source]

After winning the Egg Island Tournament, you'll need to return to Battle Town or Race Town, depending on which bridge you crossed in the beginning. Jumping has the most skill values, having 3 uses, while others only have 2. After learning to jump, you can jump up ledges while exploring, jump off ledges, and the higher your jumping level is, the better chance you have of dodging an opponent's attack, (even if it is a special attack) The jumping training dojo has a yellow stick figure jumping on the front. Talk to the trainer to finally begin Jumping Beginner Training. You'll need to press space to jump to higher branches, and you cannot go into any holes or windows. There are some branches that don't have any obstacles, and you can bump into the wall to turn around. Coins will be scattered around so you can jump and collect them. Reaching Level 10 adds spikes at the end of some walls, so you must be careful. Reaching Level 20 adds gaps in some branches, and you'll have to jump over them. Reaching Level 30 adds metal platforms with rocket boosters, and you have to jump at the right time to land on them and leave them. Reaching Level 40 adds disintegrating platforms that vanish when stepped on. Level 50 completes the game. After reaching any level in jumping training, you'll need to return to Waterfall Village. Jump up the ledge there. Your next objective is to reach Duck City.

Reaching Duck City[edit | edit source]

You'll go through Cozy Cove and feather forest to reach duck city, the only problem is, you can't just yet. You'll either have to swim across a river or fly over the abyss separating the city from the forest. You'll have to find the master trainer south from the river. Only to find his gate locked. One duck beside the gate has half of the key and states that a duck in the Santa costume has the other half. Luckily, he is close to the gate as well. In order to get the other half, you'll have to beat the Santa duck in a race and a battle. Winning both gives you the other half; then you can then open the gate. The front of the dojo has a trophy symbol just like a tournament, but it's not a tournament. Upon entering, you can talk to the master trainer, who gives you the option to learn flying or swimming. You'll learn both eventually, and the next few places you'll still visit, but what skill you pick decides what order you visit the next few places. This is again where the game splits into two paths. The first path is when you ask to learn flying from him. He will then decorate the dojo to look like a flying dojo. And the trophy on the front is replaced by a purple plane. Flying will help you fly in races, and fly over cliffs and abysses. Talk to the master trainer to learn flying. You'll fly over a grassy area with bounce pads. You need to press space to dive and land on a bounce pad. Hitting one successfully will wear it out, but you will get bounced into the air. Different types of bounce pads will be added as you level up, and you cannot fly into a bounce pad by flying because it will break it, and only diving will work. There is also one other type of bounce pad. Unlike normal bounce pads, which are red and white like targets. These ones are smaller, and a have a purple and yellow color scheme. Diving and landing on these will give you 2 bronze coins. Reaching Level 10 adds broken bounce pads, which will not bounce you up but will break upon landing a dive, but they look different than normal ones so you can tell which ones are broken. Reaching Level 20 adds super bounce pads, which are the same size as regular bounce pads, but are blue, yellow, and have a yellow star in the middle. Landing on these turns them into a normal bounce pad, but it will bounce you very high into the air. Reaching Level 30 adds enemy ducks, who will fly around and land on bounce pads. When they land on a normal one, it will become a broken bounce pad, so don't dive on those. When they land on a super bounce pad, it becomes a normal one. There is no effect when one lands on a purple bounce pad. They can also be knocked out by flying into them, just like in Duck Life Treasure Hunt. However, there will always be another after one is knocked out. Reaching level 40 adds moving bounce pads, which look similar to normal ones, but they are green and white instead of red and has a device that lets it float in the air. Landing on one of these makes it fall to the ground, and the same happens when an enemy duck lands on it. Reaching level 50 completes the game. You can then fly over the abyss and reach duck city. Before you fly over though, there is a duck willing to race you but he only will if you know how to fly. He is only good in flying and bad at everything else. Beating him results in him teaching you how to quick-fly, allowing you to open your map and click on any totem pole you've talked to to fly there pronto. If you chose to swim, you can swim over the river to duck city. In Swimming Beginner Training you swim in a large pond and perform tricks to gain xp and a streak. Land on your head after performing a trick to keep the streak going. Use the left and right arrow keys to tilt. Keeping your streak going speeds things up and your duck will swim faster and leap higher out of the water. There is a meter showing your speed, there is x1 (blue) x2 (green) x3 (yellow) and x4(orange) and you have 100 seconds to perform tricks before the minigame ends. There are bronze coins in the air you can collect. Reaching Level 10 adds buoys that are floating in the water with a ring above them. If your duck goes through the ring they will get a small speed boost. Reaching Level 20 upgrades the meter and now there is a x5 (pink) speed. Reaching Level 30 turns some of the bronze coins silver. Reaching Level 40 removes the time limit, and you automatically start on x2 speed. However, if you hit the bottom of the water after flipping then the minigame ends. Level 50 completes Swimming Beginner Training. However, you can only learn one skill from the master training and you will get different objectives after talking to Master Cucu, the Grand Dojo Master.

Duck City Grand Dojo[edit | edit source]

Your next objective is to go to the grand dojo in duck city. There is a tournament here, shops, an arena, and an arcade. There are racing and battle shops. The arcade is closed due to maintenance. The arena is also locked. And you must get a ticket to enter the tournament. Entering the grand dojo leads you to find Master Cucu, who is the best trainer. He can train your skills up to level 100, and after reaching that level, you have mastered that skill. Though, you must be at level 50 in your skills to train in the grand dojo. If you don't have any skills in level 50, he'll pass you off as a weak duck, and you can't train. There are training games for each of the 8 skills here, but you must be at level 50 in those skills to unlock them.

Health Pro Training[edit | edit source]

In health pro training, you'll be riding a bike, and you can only brake with space. You just have to ride your bike over the terrain without flipping it over. Reaching Level 60 adds a tandem trailer to the back of your bike, and a second duck will ride with you on your bike. Nothing else changes. Reaching Level 70 adds contraptions and gizmos, such as seesaws and rotating platforms and platforms that lift you up. Reaching Level 80 changes the minigame entirely. Now, there is no more biking. You will be riding a 3 car rollercoaster, and your duck will be in the front. You'll need to press space to brake just like in the bike so you can go down hills faster and jump over gaps. If any car flips over, it will detach from the coaster, and when the front car flips over, the minigame ends. Level 90 adds two more roller coaster cars, making it a 5 car roller coaster train. It's basically the same but with more weight and downhill speed. Reaching Level 100 completes the minigame, and your duck has mastered health.

Strength Pro Training[edit | edit source]

In strength pro training, you'll chop ingredients to make recipes. Chopping an ingredient collects it and gives you XP. Chopping all the ingredients makes a food item, and you'll get a big XP boost. If you chop the wrong ingredient instead of the one you need to grab, you'll get blown into the dumpster. Reaching Level 60 adds spikes you'll have to jump over while making recipes. Reaching Level 70 adds more gourmet food with higher ingredients. Reaching Level 80 adds spikes that will blow in the air like the ingredients. Reaching Level 90 removes all the spikes, but if you miss just one ingredient that you need, the minigame ends. Reaching Level 100 completes the Strength Training and your duck has mastered Strength.

Endurance Pro Training[edit | edit source]

In endurance pro training, obstacles will be flying at your duck as your duck runs and you'll have to click and/or drag to bump the obstacles away. Reaching Level 60 replaces running with climbing and you'll need to protect your duck while climbing. There are also boulders you need to bump as well. Reaching Level 70 removes everything level 60 added, including the cliffs and boulders. Now, your duck will be running again, but now there are ledges your duck can climb, and jump off of. Reaching Level 80 changes up everything and now your duck will be swimming while obstacles fly at it. This also adds sharks you must bump with your shield. Reaching Level 90 changes up the game once again, and your duck will be flying, but there is no more bouncy balls or beach balls, it's just meteors and crazy birds you have to bump. Reaching Level 100 completes Endurance Pro Training and your duck has completely mastered endurance.

Special Pro Training[edit | edit source]

In special pro training, you'll have 30 seconds to take pictures of wanted ducks to gain more time. Move your mouse and click on them/ tap them to take a picture. Reaching Level 60 adds ducks that are running so now you must take pictures of moving ducks. Reaching Level 70 adds twin ducks that are wanted but you only need to click on one twin. Reaching Level 80 adds ducks that are flying so you now must take pictures of ducks who are flying. Reaching Level 90 adds ducks floating in space so now you must take pictures of ducks floating in space. Reaching Level 100 completes Special Pro Training and your duck has completely mastered special.

Speed Pro Training[edit | edit source]

In speed pro training, you'll be running through a long hallway that never ends. Press space to jump to higher platforms, or tap on a phone. Reaching Level 60 adds new controls that allow you to slide, pressing the down arrow key allows you to slide, if you have the app on a chromebook or android computer than click on the lower half to slide and upper half to jump, and same with a phone but with tapping. You now must slide under obstacles. Reaching Level 70 adds a helmet and you can now break crates while sliding. Reaching Level 80 adds more obstacles outside and you'll have to slide and jump to avoid them and get back inside. Reaching Level 90 adds speed boost that temporarily give you a huge boost of speed. Reaching Level 100 completes Speed Pro Training and your duck has completely mastered speed.

Jumping Pro Training[edit | edit source]

In Jumping Pro Training, the screen will move down and you must avoid it, There are laser platforms your duck can jump on with a jumping boot. The laser platforms are pink but there is one segment on each platform that is green. Jumping on the green platform destroys the entire platform and you need to keep repeating this process until the screen covers your duck. Coins will fall from the sky so collect them. Reaching Level 60 adds spikes on some platforms so your duck must be careful no to land on them or the minigame ends. Reaching Level 70 removes the jumping boot and now your duck will bounce around in a zorb ball. The game is the same except your duck will bounce further and higher, but if you touch spikes then the ball will pop and the minigame ends. Reaching Level 80 replaces the zorb ball with a pogo stick. The only difference is that you bounce around more like the jumping boot but farther on each jump and higher. Touching any part of the pogo stick on the spikes causes the minigame to end. Reaching Level 90 adds spikes on the wall so you can no longer use the walls to bounce off of. Yet there is a way to hit them and still survive. If your duck hits a spike wall, the minigame ends, if you hit the spiked wall while facing away from it and the bottom of your pogo stick hits it, you can bounce away and still be fine, but there still is the screen and spikes on the platforms as hazards. Reaching Level 100 completes Jumping Pro Training and your duck has completely mastered jumping.

Flying Pro Training Requirments[edit | edit source]

You must have completed flying beginner training from the path you chose. If you chose to learn flying in Cosy Cove, you can complete the beginner training there, if you chose to learn swimming first, it will be in blue lagoon and you have to complete it there. Flying Beginner Training is not available in both locations and will be determined on which skill you decided to learn first. Once you do that, you will be able to train in flying at the grand dojo.

Flying Pro Training[edit | edit source]

In Flying Pro Training, your duck will start on a platform. They will run up to a cannon. The cannon will automatically aim and you just have to press space to fire. The goal is to reach the next platform. The process keeps repeating until your duck misses a platform. There are coins floating in the air so if you aim good you can collect them and land on the next platform. Reaching Level 60 adds cannons in between the platform and the next one. You must aim to land in that cannon. The only thing is the cannon spins when you land in it so you must aim accordingly. Reaching Level 70 adds moving cannons that you have to land in. They either move when you land in them, or move and you have to aim perfectly to get in it. Reaching Level 80 adds bounce pads. You then might have to bounce between gaps or into the next cannon. Reaching Level 90 adds spiked balls on chains you have to dodge. Reaching Level 100 completes Flying Pro Training and you duck has completely mastered flying.

Swimming Pro Training Requirments[edit | edit source]

You must have completed swimming beginner training on the path you chose. If you chose to learn it in Cosy Cove it will be there. If you chose to learn flying first it will be in Mount Wix and you must complete it there. It is not in both locations and it will be determined on which skill you decided to learn first. Once you do that, you will be able to train in swimming at the grand dojo

Swimming Pro Training[edit | edit source]

In swimming pro training, you'll use the left and right arrow keys to swim around and dodge missiles. They won't home in on you and you just have to dodge them. There are coins in the water so collect them. Reaching Level 60 changes things up and now the missiles will home in on you. Luckily, if missiles crash into each other they will explode. Reaching Level 70 adds mines you must avoid. If you touch one then the minigame ends. If a missile touches one both objects explode. If you aren't near the explosion you are fine. If you are then the minigame ends. Reaching Level 80 adds sharks that will follow you as well. If you get eaten the minigame ends. However, if a missile hits a shark then the shark is knocked out and will no longer be a problem. Reaching Level 90 adds a new feature with missiles, if two collide then they won't break, but instead merge and multiple missiles will follow you and if a double missile crashes into one it merges again into three. It will keep merging if it crashes so be careful. Reaching Level 100 completes Swimming Pro Training and your duck has mastered swimming.

The Path to Mount Wix[edit | edit source]

You are tasked with visiting Mount Wix for one of two reasons depending on which path you chose. You must know how to fly to travel to Mount Wix.

Path 1: To Learn how to swim.[edit | edit source]

Path 2: To get a tournament ticket to the Duck City Tournament.[edit | edit source]

You must first go to the west most of duck city. Fly over a gap and you'll be in Rocky Ravine

Rocky Ravine[edit | edit source]

There are two paths here. You both need to fly to access them. The top path requires swimming training as you must swim. There is a path that leads into a small cave with the magnifying glass weapon. Keep going south and you'll find where the paths meet up: A shop with battle and race weapons. There is a corridor east of there and you'll find yourself at the end of the ravine. The bottom path requires flying and jumping and there are ducks who will race you and some will battle you. Keep following the path as you verse them and you'll be at the end of the ravine.

Soaring Skies[edit | edit source]

Fly south from the end of rocky ravine, and you'll enter Soaring Skies. There are shops, ducks eager to race you and battle you, and a totem pole. The town is made up of shops and has multiple clouds. Fly south to the next cloud and fly east from there and you'll be in Mount Wix.

Mount Wix[edit | edit source]

You've arrived in Mount Wix! There's a building in the center. It will be different depending on which path you chose.

Path 1: The building is the swimming dojo[edit | edit source]

Path 2: It's the tournament registration office.[edit | edit source]

However, there's a duck blocking your path. He has lost his glasses. He says two ducks took them and stole the lenses. He says one went north from where your duck is standing, and one went to a cloud. The first one is in Haunted Cave.

Haunted Cave[edit | edit source]

It's not that much in this cave. Just keep walking until you find a duck who will race and battle you. Beat him in both and he gives you a glasses lens.

Second Lens[edit | edit source]

For the second lens you must return to Soaring Skies and go to the cloud at the very end of the trail of clouds. There is a boss duck here who will race and battle you. Beat him in both to obtain the final lens.

Accessing the Building[edit | edit source]

Return to the duck in Mount Wix blocking the way to the building. Talk to him to get your quest rewards and you can now enter.

Results[edit | edit source]

Path 1: You can now learn how to swim and after learning you can Talk to Master Cucu who assigns you with the task of traveling to Blue Lagoon to obtain the Tournament Ticket.

Path 2: You can now enter the Duck City Tournament after talking to the duck to obtain the ticket.

Blue Lagoon[edit | edit source]

You must travel to Blue Lagoon in your quest for one of two reasons depending on which skill you chose to learn first. You must know how to swim to travel here.[edit | edit source]

Path 1: To obtain a tournament ticket to the Duck City Tournament[edit | edit source]

Path 2: To learn how to fly[edit | edit source]

To reach Blue Lagoon, travel to the east side of the city and swim. You will then enter Blue Lagoon, there are multiple islands you can visit.

Maze Island[edit | edit source]

Maze Island should be the first island you come across. This island is a maze, as the name suggests and is full of treasures! The only problem is there are ducks blocking the way. These ducks will only move if you beat them in a race. You can collect coins, and a costume here.

Lagoon Village[edit | edit source]

Lagoon Village has a totem pole, some coins, some accesory shops, and item shop with both racing and battling items. There are some friendly ducks to talk to as well. One will point you to Castle Island, and Island where great battlers await and if beaten, the give a key to a room with a treasure chests.

Castle Island[edit | edit source]

Castle Island has gold coins on it, as well as 3 ducks with very powerful weapons only obtainable from reaching around level 80-100 in each skill and then purchasing them at the shop. There are also three locked rooms. Defeating them gives you a key that can be used to any of the three rooms and can only be used on one room, so you must beat all of them if you plan on opening all the chests

Trainer Island[edit | edit source]

On Trainer Island there is a building that you must go inside of. It is different depending on the path you chose

Path 1: It is the Tournament Registration Office[edit | edit source]

Path 2: It is the Flying Dojo[edit | edit source]

You cannot enter just yet though, a duck is blocking the entrance. He will only move if you gather five of his favorite food, clams. To obtain the clams you must swim north of the island and enter the arch.

Clam Rapids[edit | edit source]

Clam Rapids contain the 5 clams on the platforms in the cave, except there are currents that will push you in different directions. You must look at the currents and grab each of the clams by swimming in the right direction so the current will push you to the platform where a clam is. After obtaining all five clams you can exit the cave and go give them to the duck, who will reward you for completing his quest and move out of the way.

Results[edit | edit source]

Path 1: After talking to the duck you will obtain the tournament ticket needed to enter the Duck City Tournament.

Path 2: You can learn how to fly and then you can talk to Master Cucu who will assign you the task of going to Mount Wix to collect the Tournament Ticket.

Duck City Tournament[edit | edit source]

With the ticket in hand, wherever you went to get it, your next objective is to beat the Duck City Tournament. Just like the last Tournament, it is arranged the same way with three different categories: Racing, Battling, and Champion. And like the previous, you must win the first two sections to face the champion.

Racing[edit | edit source]

The racing section is similar to the last with 3 races and the point system. The only difference is that the races are harder and the competition is as well. You must be skilled in every skill to win. There is also a glitch, that if you raced in Soaring Skies, or Blue Lagoon before coming to the tournament the terrain from that land replaces the city platform. This glitch can be stopped by closing the game and booting it up again and then the race will look normal.

Battling[edit | edit source]

The Battling Tournament works the same way as last time, and the ducks have better weapons and higher health this time around. You must win all 3 battles to win the section.

Champion[edit | edit source]

After beating the first 2 categories, you can face the champion, who is not Marco, but Master Cucu. He warns your duck hoping your training paid off, and takes you on, and he is your toughest challenge, yet. When Racing him the same terrain glitch may occur, so just close the game and open it again, don't worry, the other to sections are saved when completed. This is the longest race yet and will test all your skills. If you beat Cucu then you can battle him. He has a very powerful weapon and almost 400 health. So it will take a lot of training to beat him. If you beat him in both, you will win a jelly coin and 10 gold coins. You then must talk to Master Cucu at the Grand Dojo once again.

The Final Challenge Begins[edit | edit source]

Talk to Master Cucu, and he will praise you for beating him and move out of the way so you can enter the path behind him.

Wayfarer's Walkaway[edit | edit source]

This is it. The final challenge. Your next objective is to reach the Grand Tournament Building. In order to do so, there are several puzzles you must complete to reach the building. The first of those is a stone pushing puzzle with several sections of stones. There is a duck nearby who will help you when you get stuck. You must push the stones, you can push them from any side. You must move the stones out of your way to reach the next section. If the stones block your path when pushed, the duck will help you back to the beginning, and it resets the whole puzzle! So if you mess up on the last section you have to do the entire puzzle again. Complete the puzzle to continue on your path, only to find a section of conveyor belts standing in the way of your path. This is similar to the current puzzle, but much harder. You must look at which direction the belts are going to reach a tile of ground not moving. You must keep paying attention to the direction of the belts to reach more tiles where you again choose the direction. Keep doing this and you'll be able to continue on your path. However, if you make a wrong turn the conveyor belts will send you back to the beginning of the puzzle. You then come across a massive abyss you need to fly over to continue your path. And there are several small platforms scattered around the gap. You need to fly from gap to gap considering which direction you can fly in and how to reach the end. Reaching the end of the puzzle isn't the end of the path, and you'll come across the final puzzle, A zen garden. You must find a path to reach all of the tiles and make it to the exit at the same time, some that can't be touched won't count. And you can't walk over tiles you have walked over already. If you are trapped between tiles you already walked on, you will be sent back to the entrance of the garden. There is a glitch where if you are trapped the duck won't help you, and you'll have to close the game and do all the puzzles over again to come back, while in some cases it may save your progress making it to the zen garden. If you manage to make it there successfully, you will find the Tournament Plateau, where the Grand Tournament is. There is a Totem Pole you can talk to if you turn left at the grand tournament and walk north, so you can quick-fly here, and stairs back to the start of Wayfarer's Walkaway so you don't have to do all the puzzles again if you plan on exiting and restocking on items, buying new clothes, and weapons. Get ready, for the hardest and final Tournament.

Grand Tournament[edit | edit source]

There is a Racing, Battling, and Champion section once again. You must win both two sections to face the champion

Racing[edit | edit source]

There is no glitch for the racing ground this time, and you can take on the hardest racers yet. If you thought the Duck City Tournament was tough think again, these ducks are even harder! The tournament works the same as always.

Battling[edit | edit source]

The battling section sees your duck battling ducks with the best armor and weapons. These Ducks have even higher HP then the ducks in Duck City. You must win the 3 battles to win this section.

Finale[edit | edit source]

After Beating both sections, you can take on the champ himself, the best of the best, who is none other than Marco. Click/Press Start to begin the finale. You'll first race Marco. This is the longest race in the entire game. There is lava you have to jump over, and it tests every skill. Marco is very good, and if your duck gets stuck he will get a huge advantage as he is very fast. You can throw Marco off by lassoing him, and while climbing causes him to fall, and you can freeze him, which also gives him an advantage so if you feel like he's too good use one of your items. If you manage to beat Marco, you can take him on in a battle. Marco's armor has no weaknesses and he is equipped with one of the top 2 most powerful weapons, the Thor Hammer, which he can use to hit your duck for a massive amount of damage, and for a special attack raise in the air for lightning attack which does even more damage and stuns your duck for a turn. I recommend that use the robot armour and the rocket. By the time half of his health is depleted the battle is interrupted, as your duck's mom, or mother as the game refers to her, walks in. She asks your duck, "WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?" And she suddenly gets angry and asks Marco just what he thinks he is doing. Marco then reveals a shocking truth and says he is just spending some quality time with, and takes off his sunglasses and says, their child. The three ducks share surprised glasses as Marco is revealed as your duck's father. Mother then climbs up onto the pedestal and berates Marco for leaving the house to become an adventurer, and that she swore not to let their child follow in his footsteps, she then tells Marco to get out of the way so she can teach your duck a lesson. Your duck will now battle their mom, who wields a very powerful weapon, the trident which she can use to prod your duck and smash against the floor for a wave that deals massive damage. Marco will watch in the background while you battle Mother. After she is defeated Marco asks your duck if that was any way to treat their mom and the two reengage in their battle. Luckily you will be able to change equipment between all of these battles, so you can change weapons and armor before the fight with Mother and the second fight with Marco. Marco, for some reason now has 514 HP, 14 above max HP. Beating Marco means your duck wins the Grand Tournament. Afterwards your duck, Mother, and Marco will be outside the building. To continue you must talk to both of them. Mother apologizes for being against your duck becoming an adventurer and tells him/her that they can be whatever they want, and that she and Marco are getting back together. Marco applauds you for beating him, and apologizes for never visiting but states that Mother never let him near your duck and says she is terrifying when she is mad. Marco then agrees to go home with mother, and the credits roll. At the end of the credits a next button appears. Clicking it leads to a screen that says thanks for playing, and then there is another next button, leading to a screen where a newspaper of your duck winning the grand tournament, keep clicking next to see other newspapers, one showing Marco and Mother getting remarried, one showing the arcade is open, and the diamond being stolen if you stole the diamond. Clicking next will show your duck in Duck City, and your next task is to complete every quest if you decide to play post game.

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