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Duck Life: Battle is the seventh installment in the Duck Life series, released on August 1st, 2018.

The game is available on PC, mobile, Nintendo Switch and Xbox One. This game takes place after Duck Life: Space, and possibly before Duck Life: Adventure. You get your crown back, but a tornado takes you to a place where ducks battle instead of racing. Train your duck, buy weapons, and defeat rival ducks to earn coins, weapons, and/or quest items. You face ducks in the tournament and learn new skills while upgrading your weapons. There is also a prize wheel which appears every so often. The game uses weapon-based battles as the main element, which makes Training be built around that.

Playing The Game[]

Unlike the previous games, the player does not race. Instead, they battle, hence the title of the game. There are ducks that tell you to go to the dojo to train, just like the previous games (except Treasure Hunt).

At some points of the game there will be a Wonder Wheel which gives the player rewards based on luck.


The farm is the first area in the game, and the only one without a tournament. The area is simple, with a bunch of grass, a few ducks, a dojo, and a shop. Training can only be done up to level 20, and only weaker weapons are available. To progress, you need to beat three ducks, which would let the Builder rebuild the bridge there, and you would be able to progress to the forest. This area shares a water border with the final area, the City.

If you are playing the Demo version, there will be two ducks, a fence behind them, and the broken bridge is nowhere to be seen. One duck will tell to get the full version.


The forest is the second area, and the first one with a tournament. The forest has a cave with treasure, which can only be found by beating ducks in battles, but is completely optional.

The forest has another dojo, which has new minigames for you to play and lets you get up to level 40. There is also a shop, which allows you to get multiple weapons and armor, along with coins throughout the forest. You can enter the tournament, which requires you to pay and have a duck with a certain skill level overall. In tournaments, you fight three ducks. When you beat the tournament, Duckland Waters appears for the first time and teaches you Jumping, allowing you to progress.


The mountains are the third area in the game and they use jumping. Once again, you have a dojo there, but however, the training goes up to level 60.

The ducks there are more strong than before. The shop sells more powerful weapons. The mountains are very similar to the forest, yet are more vertical. The mountains have multiple steps, so the duck could go up and there is another treasure there. You could enter a tournament, and after you beat it, Duckland Waters appears again, and teaches you climbing, which lets you climb and move to the next area.


The desert is the fourth area, and it is separated by trees to the swamp. The player is able to go to the desert dojo, which lets them train up to level 80.

The player may see a duck who hands a letter to hand to his friend. If the player wants to deliver it, they must go back to the farm and talk to the bridge builder.

There is a "sand whirlpool." If the player enters, they will see some ducks and a piece of equipment at the end.

The desert has a shop, which allows you to buy even better items, and has many ducks. Those ducks are even more powerful. Also in the desert is a sand dune, which lets the duck go to another area. You can go into the tournament, where you fight three more ducks. Once you beat the tournament, you get a third visit by Duckland Waters, who teaches you how to fly. The city is a no-fly zone, so you fly to the swamp.


The Swamp is the penultimate area of the game, and features the swamp dojo. In the swamp dojo, the player can train to level 100, the last skill level you can reach at normal speed. While the player can fly, they can't fly to the city because it is a no-fly zone.

The player may find a duck who lost their glasses. If the player chooses to return the glasses, they must return to the mountain to the path that was previously blocked off. The player must return to the duck and they will earn a Slingshot.

Another optional path is fighting the Mallard Gang. However, the Mallard Gang is tough and the player must be trained efficiently. If the player beats the Mallard Gang, they earn the Mallard Costume and Hat, which have good stats.

You could fight in the tournament, and if you win, Duckland Waters gives you the skill to swim. The player can now access the city.


The City is the final area in the game and it has a water border with the Swamp and Farm. The first thing the player may see is another duck who wants to battle. The player can choose to battle or not. There is a Grand Dojo, which can train the player beyond level 100 in every skill, but it is ten times slower.

There is a sewer drain, which contains a Pet Dragon weapon. The player must fight some ducks if they desire to earn the weapon.

There is also a police duck. He will ask about the Mallard Gang. If the player talks to the Mallard Gang, the player will be given the Earthquake Generator. The player can use this to easily defeat the police duck.

Once again, there is a tournament. If the player wins the final tournament, they will be granted a crown and promoted champion. After winning, the duck who gave all skills then battles the player. Winning the battle rewards the player with a Superduck Costume.

There is also an Arena, but it is boarded up. It is supposedly used for online battles.

The game ends there as of now.


  • The duck is the same duck from Duck Life 4 and Duck Life: Space. However, the duck seems to have forgotten their skills as they are seen having to relearn them.
  • If the player uses the Potion's special, they turn into one of the genetically modified ducks from Duck Life 3 but when it happens you cant see the duck.

    The Flying Type Duck.

  • This is the second game to abandon the traditional Duck Life formula and go into another direction, after Duck Life: Treasure Hunt.
  • This game is highly rated, with it getting over four and a half stars on the App Store, and getting Very Positive reviews on Steam.