Duck Life is a series where you train your duck for races! 

List of Duck Life Games The debut of the series, the classic and first game.[edit | edit source]

  • Duck Life (released November 5, 2007) - train your duck to become the duck racing champion
  • Duck Life 2: World Champion (released July 11, 2008) - Expands on the classic formula with new skills and environments.
  • Duck Life 3: Evolution (released May 6, 2011) - Train one of a farmer's new, genetically modified ducks and evolve them.
  • Duck Life: 4 (released February 2012) -Train a team of ducks to defeat the evil fire duck
  • Duck Life: Treasure Hunt (released June 17, 2014) - run through an epic cave to get the fabled treasure
  • Duck Life: Retro Pack (released June 6, 2015) play the original 3 duck life games remastered
  • Duck Life: Space (released May 5, 2017) - Chase after an alien that stole your crown.
  • Duck Life: Battle (released August 1, 2018) - Train a duck to battle with the ducks on a new farm.
  • Duck Life: Adventure (released June 22, 2020) - Adventure through various locales to train your skill in both racing and battling.


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