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Duck Life 4 is the fourth installment in the Duck Life series, released on April 13th, 2012[1]


First, you go to the Egg Pick stage. Here, you pick the duck you want. After, picking a duck, you pick the color for it. In older versions of the game, you had to chose to have a yellow, brown, or white duck. After that, a duck instantly hatches from it. The color of the duck depends on what type of egg you purchased. Next, you test your duck if it can reach the finish line. However, your duck collapses so you need to give it seed which gives the duck energy. After your duck eats the seed, the duck can now reach the finish line. Because the duck wasn't very fast, you can eventually train as you progress. Third, you'll meet Joe the running trainer. You can talk to him to train. He also shows a duck who wants to race with you. You can click on the "!" over its head. He also shows the shop where you buy eggs, haircuts, and hats. The last thing he shows is the windmill which is a tournament. Tournaments are sets of 3 races in a row, without breaks. You can choose a different duck in each race. If you win a tournament, you unlock a new area on the map. And that's about it. Use the mouse to look around the area. You will then click anything you want. There are 6 Areas to unlock.

Area 1: Grassland[]


You have two challengers: A White Duck and Brown Duck. Brown is an invite to the tournament while White Duck is $60. You will be able to beat the White Duck with about a running level of 11 and an energy level of 21. You need at least level 10.0 in running if you want to race with the Brown duck. You will be able to beat the brown duck with about an energy level of 39 and a running level of 31. You can also win the tournament if you have one duck with the same statistics.


Eggs Price Hats/Shirts Price Haircuts Price
Brown Egg 1 Robin Hood Shirt 1 1
White Egg 1 Emergency Hat 1 Haircut 1
Yellow Egg 1 Pirate Shirt 1 1
Pink Egg 1 Cowboy Shirt 1 1
Lilac Egg 1 Beehive! 1 1
Big Leaf Shirt $50
Robin Hood Hat $60
Bee Hat $120
Cowboy Hat $120
This is not up-to date Pirate Hat $1

Area 2: Swamp[]


This game also has 3 stages: Reactions, Endurance and Timing.

Or if you playing this game on a site, Swamp has 2 stages. Reactions and Endurance.

In Reactions, you use the up to jump and down to dive. You avoid obstacles and alligators by using these keys. If you get caught on an obstacle or get eaten by an alligator, you move to the endurance training. (The alligator in this training is known as Jerry, according to the eazyspeezy community)

In Endurance, you use the space bar to swim up. You avoid walls using that key. If you touch one of the walls, you move to the timing training.

In Timing, you press space bar to turn towards the water and again press the space when the 2 circles meet. After you did this, the training is over.


You have 3 challengers: Gray duck, Red duck, and Blue duck. A red duck will give you a ticket to the tournament while the Grey and Blue ducks gives you $100. Good Luck!


Eggs Price Hats Price Shirts Price Haircuts Price
Brown Egg 1 Duckster Hat 1 Duckster Shirt 1 Haircut 1
Umber Egg 1 Soldier Hat $50 Soldier Shirt 1
Jackfruit Tree Egg 1 Ducktective Hat $50 Ducktective Cloak 1
Olive Egg 1 Pineapple Hat $50 Leaves Pants 1
Bronze Egg 1 Butterfly Hat $50 Butterfly Shirt 1
Gray Green Egg 1

Area 3: Mountains[]


In Endurance (Flying Training #1), you use left and right arrow keys to get the seeds. If you get a regular seed, you'll get more energy to move up. If you get a purple seed, you'll move up greatly. If you go off a screen by moving down, you'll move to reactions training.

In Reactions (Flying Training #2), you use the up and down arrow keys to follow the trainer's path. Try to avoid obstacles by following him. If you get caught in an obstacle, you'll move to accuracy training

In Accuracy (Flying Training #3), you use the mouse to aim and click to fire yourself. Try to collect coins and avoid touching the floor. After this, the training is over.

In this extra training added to the latest version in this area where you will have to use your mouse cursor and hold in order to direct your duck of where to be and watch out for obstacles as usual. This is Flying Training #4.


You have 3 challengers: Green duck, Yellow duck, and White duck. The green duck will give you the tournament ticket, while Yellow and White ducks will give you $150. You need at least level 40.0 in flying if you need to race with the White duck.


Eggs Price Clothes Price Haircuts Price
Champak $75 Knit Hat $50 Haircut $30
Betel Nuts $75 Knit Shirt $50
Luffa Flower $75 Knight Helmet $50
Bael Fruit $75 Knight Armor
Straw $75 Pilot Hat $50
Soft Light $75 Pilot Uniform $50
Red Bow Hat $50
Red Bow Dress $50
Tuxedo $50

Area 4: Glacier[]


This training has speed, risk, and reactions.

In Speed (Climb Training #1), you use the left, right, and up arrow keys. You move using left and right arrow keys to move and up arrow key to climb ladders. Try to stay on the screen as long as you can. If you go off-screen, your training is over.

In Risk (Climb Training #2), you use the up to climb up, right to hide from the avalanche, and left to exit the cave after an avalanche. You'll have 1 minute to do this. If you get caught in an avalanche or 1 minute has elapsed, your training is over.

In Reactions (Climb Training #3), use the left and right to jump on each side of the canyon. Try not to get caught on edges. If you get caught then it's either the training is over or your duck has moved to the end of the glacier.


You have 3 challenges: a black-spotted duck, a grey duck, and a white duck. The grey duck will give you the tournament ticket while, The black-spotted and white ducks will give you $200. You need exactly level 0 in flying since the white duck doesn't know how to fly (this requirement isn't in the latest version) and can only race you if you don't either. It is a good idea to buy a new duck egg and train it in every skill except flying, On the Android version of the game, A screen will pop up saying "Keep your adventure alive by purchasing the next town!" The only way to unlock the Glacier and continue your adventure is by paying $0.99. This doesn't apply for the iOS version of the game, because you only have to purchase the game to play it.


Eggs Price Hats Price Shirts Price Haircuts Price
Flowing Water Egg $75 Whale Hat $60 Life Ring $65 Haircut $30
Sky Egg $75 Saucepan Hat $70 Egg Hat $75
Soft Blue Green Egg $75 Sailor Hat $70 Sailor Uniform $70
Dark Blue Egg $75 Rabbit Hat $100 Carrot Shirt $100
Soft Indigo Egg $75 Mr. Bubble's Helmet $80 Mr. Bubble's Suit $80
Indigo Egg $75

Area 5: City[]



This training has endurance, balance, and skill.

In Endurance (Jump Training #1), you use the left and right to run and up to jump on blocks. Try to stay on the screen and don't get crushed. If you get off-screen or get crushed by a block, you'll move to balance training.

In Balance (Jump Training #2), you use the left and right to balance on a pogo stick and hold up to jump higher. Try to go over gaps and stay balanced. If you fall into a gap or lost balance, you'll move to skill training. ( The block in this training

In Skill (Jump Training #3), use the left and right buttons to move while in the air. Follow the instructions at the top right corner and try to do many as you can in 30 seconds. If 30 seconds have passed, the training is over. To beat City Tournament, you have to be at least level 105 in everything.


You have 3 challengers: Pink duck, Green duck, and Yellow duck. Green and yellow ducks will give you $100, and the Pink duck gives you the tournament ticket. You need at least level 55+ in jumping if you need to race with the Pink duck. If you have 0 jumps, and go against the green duck you won't lose your duck but, you will lose the race and your duck will be fine. Also, you can't pass the purple duck if you have max climbing.


=== To get to the tournament, you have to beat the Purple duck to get a ticket. You need at least level 55+ on racing to beat Purple duck. If you have everything (swimming, jumping, running, etc but not including energy) leveled up, then there is a chance that you will get stuck in between the cars on race three, and also you might get stuck in between the flower pot and the wall in race two. If you have max level on any levels, then you will get stuck on a wall in the beginning of the third race, and you will lose the race because you will fall asleep (or you can quit the races.).

Race 1. Race one is green duck, who is located near the training system. He only has one glitch on his level which happens rarely, and you can just restart the race if it happens (It is where you slide off the wall at the last jump) . All he has is running and jumping, which makes him fairly easy to beat.

Race 2. Race two is a bit harder. The owner of the race is Yellow duck, who is located above the shop. It starts out as running. Then there is a wall where you have to fly down, and a bit more running and you get to the main glitch. It is a wall where you have to climb and then your duck rolls on the top of a building, where there is a jump. You will fall down that jump and then Yellow duck jumps it, and finishes the race, leaving you in the gap to tire out or the race ends. try with a worse duck.

Race 3. Race three is the tournament ticket duck, Aka purple duck. You will start outside of a shop and then run inside, climbing up a stock shelf. As in race two, you will roll on top of the building, where there is a gap and you will fall down. If you have all of your stats filled out, Purple duck will fall down with you. Anyways, after the stock shelf is the exit of the building, where there is another wall that you have to climb. Right after that wall is a car, where you will shortly fly down to it and then run over it, jumping down and running the last part of the race. (How to fix the glitch here) ===


Eggs Price Hats Price Haircuts Price
Dark Purple Egg $75 Safety Hat $80 Bending Front $30

Butterfly Pea





$80 Back Straight Spike Hair $30
Soft Pink Purple Egg $75 Chef Hat $80 Twisty Ponytail Hair $30
Marian Plum Seed Egg $75 Spartan Hat $80
Bluebell Barleria Egg $75
Soft Purple Egg $75

Area 6: Volcano[]

Challenges and Fire Duck[]

You have 3 challengers: A black duck, a lilac duck, and a light blue duck.

The black duck will give you the Red Key for the box and $300 if you win.

The lilac duck will give you the Orange Key for the box and $300 if you win. You need at least level 120 in climbing to race(this requirement isn't in the lasted version anymore) with the light blue Duck. If you win, , you'll get the Green Key and $300.

When you get all the keys, go to the box and the button will appear to open the box. When you click the button, a detonator will show up. Click it and the volcano will blow up. When it blows up, a Fire Duck will appear.


You need level 150 in everything (running, swimming, flying, climbing, jumping) to race him (optional, this requirement isn't in the latest version). Then, you'll race him. However, your duck will need your help to beat him and avoid the lava. Use the arrow keys (or in the mobile version, the arrow buttons) to control the duck. If you touch the lava, a screen will show that your duck was rushed to the hospital and 4 weeks later made a full recovery, then it will show your duck saying that him/her will not touch lava again. When you beat him, you'll earn the crown, which can be worn by one of your ducks, an egg panel, allowing you to customize a new member of your duck team however you like, and an arcade machine, which allows you to play training mini games in the volcano.


Eggs Price
Star Egg $75
Metal Egg $75
Donut Egg $75
White Lighting Egg $75
Checker Egg $75
Crimson Egg $75
Shoe Flower Egg $75
Soft Pink Egg $22
Pink Egg $22


  • In running training 2 if you are on the edge of the screen you can quickly press left then right to get stuck in the wall.
  • If you go out (but keep the app open) while doing training your points will still slowly go up and you won't die.
  • Sometimes, the duck cannot be named, instead, the game itself chooses/you have to click the random name to see which name you want and you will need to continue rather than naming it.
  • If you click on a challenger on the challenge screen, you'll go to the running trainer.
  • If you drag a duck all the way to the left in Grassland near the energy seeds, you can get infinite energy seeds. ( You need to buy a seed first then drag to the corner for it to work)
  • On some sites, when racing with the Grey Duck in the Glacier, she'll stop and your duck will win, no matter where you were in the race.
  • If you have the Big Shiny Cone Hat in speed glacier training, you can climb the ladders above you.
  • If you have the Viking Hat in risk glacier training, the avalanche will still knock you down even if you are in a cave.
  • After reaching a score of 6000-7000 in reactions glacier training, the duck will climb so fast that certain ledges no longer trap it. If you exploit this glitch too much, the duck may land on the outside of the map but continue to climb for several minutes, earning you a score of up to 50,000 points before the game ends.
  • If you carry on training in some sites you will level up further than level 150.
  • In the second mini-game in the swamp area, if you swim for a while and then let the duck fall onto the ground, it will slow the duck down but the timer will continue and you can then get a few more points. Depending on the angle and length of it, you can get from 15-100 or even in some cases 786 extra points.
  • Sometimes, during the third running training, your duck will jump off the screen.
  • When you are on the volcano stage in the boss fight you cannot jump when there is a little hill.
  • In Flying Training 4, you can drag your duck off the screen and none of the obstacles will affect it anymore which makes you invincible. If you continue to do this the obstacles will eventually disappear altogether.
  • The real duck life is on
  • Your duck won't race the champion duck for some reason
  • In the glacier, the climbing trainer takes the place of the gray duck, saying they don't know how to fly, which is what the white duck says. The white duck will give you a tournament invite, instead of the gray duck, which takes the place of the climbing trainer. However, in the climbing minigame select screen, the climbing trainer is shown.
  • In the volcano, if you have already beaten the Fire Duck and gotten the All Trainers ability, if you max out all abilities and race the black duck, at the rectangle obstacle in the race the climbing somersault will make you fly in other directions, yet your duck will still go forward as intended.
  • Occasionally one of your duck's level can display as 'Level NAN' racing with this level seems to get your duck stuck in place doing the action that the level is listed for.
  • In the 4th flying training, sometimes your duck will not move.
  • In the 4th flying training, your duck may fly off screen.
  • You can drag your ducks into the ground that the pink seeds fall on.
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