Duck Life: Space

Duck Life 6 is the sixth installment which was released in May 20, 2016. The game shares more with Duck Life 4 instead of the game before, Duck Life 5: Treasure Hunt, with it going back to the series' roots as an idle racer.

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The game starts off with a character creation screen where you can customize your ducks color, eyes, hair, and paint pattern. The game then jumps into a comic book-like story sequence following the events of Duck Life 5. It shows your duck on a stage wearing your crown with fans cheering you on, followed immediately by an alien stealing the crown and running off with it, setting the plot into motion.

Gameplay Edit

The gameplay is very similar to Duck Life 4. You have a duck at Level 0 and you have to level them up by training them at 6 different planets to try to fully level up their stats. Unlike Duck Life 4, each world doesn't specialize in a single form of leveling up, but multiple, with new stats slowly sprinkling in as you progress through the worlds. Your duck has 7 stats in total. Running, Swimming, Flying, Climbing, Jumping, and Energy all return from previous games, but Duck Life 6: Space introduces an Intelligence stat which increases how quickly you teleport through portals.

Earth Edit

You start off on planet earth at a rocket launch site. It's a starry night and you're on a platform over some body of water. There's $15 seed to increase your energy, a training duck, multiple ducks to race (assuming you're not playing the free version), a shop, and a rocket ship which acts as the tournament location. There are 3 ducks here. The duck behind the shop and wears a helmet will give you the tournament ticket.

The training duck has three stages: Running 1, Swimming 1, and Flying 1. Each game can only level up from 0 to 20.

Running 1 Edit


  • Click the screen to flip gravity
  • Don't run into any walls
  • Go as far as you can!

The game works by giving you walls randomly scattered on both the floor and the ceiling which you have to flip gravity to avoid the walls. If you get stuck on a wall for too long, it pushes you off the screen, ending the game. It works similarly to the climbing minigame in Duck Life 2, except its only clicking and scrolls horizontally, rather than vertically.

Swimming 1 Edit


  • Use the arrow keys to swim
  • Stay in the bubble as long as you can
  • Don't let the bubble pop!

The game has you controlling a duck swimming in a bubble bouncing around the screen. The bounces can go in random directions and at random speeds, so you have to adjust to it. The bubble also shrinks as the game goes on. Hitting the outside of the bubble causes it to pop, ending the game.

Flying 1 Edit


  • Use the arrow keys to fly left and right
  • Eat the seed to gain energy and fly higher
  • Fly as high as you can

The game is almost completely similar to one of the flying games from Duck Life 4, except it has a differing scoring system, which doesn't change anything fundamentally about the game. After you complete the tournament, you get to go on a Red Rocket to Moon.

Moon Edit

If you have arrived at Moon, you will see ducks, looking like robot ducks. There is 4 training rooms. The new training is Climbing. You see 2 robot ducks. The one on the left is sleeping and the one on the right, the gray robo duck, gives you the tournament ticket.

Mars Edit

Mars is the third planet in the game that introduces the jumping skill. There are also three ducks ready to challenge you in a race. The shop contains four eggs and ten clothing items. Oh and there is a reference to nyan cat. There is an alien duck, a red caped strict duck, and a red duck with goggles(, you are unable to race that duck.) The duck in the middle gives you the tournament ticket.

Terra Edit

Terra is the fourth planet in the game that introduces the intelligence skill. There are 2 ducks here. The duck on the left is the duck with red eyes. The duck on the right is the duck with a doctor shirt. The duck on the right side gives you the tournament ticket.

Freez Edit

Freez is the last planet that you can train on. There are 3 ducks here. The duck at the left gives you the tournament ticket. After the tournament, you race the alien that stole your crown. After you win, you go to Pyro.

Pyro Edit

This is the last area in the game. There is no training here. You have to race 3 ducks. After you win against all 3, you can race the alien to get the crown. After you win, this is the end of the game.

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