Duck Life Adventure is the newest release in the Duck Life series. With the ability to both fight and race, plus elements of a Pokémon style RPG, Duck Life Adventure is the most advanced Duck Life game yet. Instead of every training minigame being in one place, you must explore to find new skills to learn, which in turn helps you explore new areas.

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Intro Edit

After opening the game, clicking will start it. Unlike other duck life games, after you create a duck, that duck and the gameplay becomes a save file and you can create a new duck for multiple save files. After starting the game, you get to design your duck. You can customize its color, hair, eyes, eye, color, and finally name your duck. Once all of that is complete your duck celebrates while confetti falls from the ceiling. Your duck then walks into the living room, where a t.v. is on. On the screen there is a news reporter interviewing Marco, the champion of adventuring of this game. He admits he didn't break a sweat, and that no duck could defeat him. By watching this, this inspires your duck to become an adventure and runs into the kitchen to tell their mom they want to become an adventurer just like Marco. Upon hearing this, your duck's mom instantly refuses and tells he/she that they are going to become a rich "duck-tor". Upset, your duck runs back into the living room crying about how they cannot be an adventurer. Suddenly, Marco pops out of the t.v. and tells your duck not to listen to their mom and follow their dreams. Even telling your duck they could become just like him. Your duck is inspired once again and runs to his/her room. They come out with a bag on a stick and run away from home while their mom is not looking.

Quack Street Edit

Quack Street is the first location in Duck Life Adventure. It is a street near where your duck lives. There are coins to pick up, and ducks to talk to. To advance, just walk to the end where an open sewer drain is located. Jump in, and you'll move on to the next area.

Egg Island Edit

3 hours after your duck enters the sewer, he/she emerges to find themselves on an island. Your duck is greeted by Doris "Dory" Dewdrop. Dory explains you are on Egg Island right now. She shows you two bridges. One leads to Battle Town, a town where ducks like to battle. The second leads to Race Town, a town where ducks like racing. You then must pick what path your duck will go on (you'll end up visiting both towns in both paths)

Path 1: Battle Town Edit

If you chose the bridge leading to battle town, you must go on this path. As soon as you cross the bridge, it breaks, meaning you cannot return to Egg Island right now. Dory swims over to you. Unfortunately, your duck cannot swim back. Dory jokes about your duck eating too many pies. Since you chose to visit Battle Town first, she'll teach you how to battle, and she'll give you a plank from the bridge as your first weapon. You then enter battle with Dory. Both your duck and Dory will have wooden planks as weapons, but with different stats. Your duck has 25 hp, and Dory has 50. Your attack is usually 2 or 3. Dory's is usually 1 or 2. After attacking Dory for the first time, she shows you how to do a critical hit, before your duck attacks on any attack, click just before they strike their opponent and it will be a critical hit. You'll keep attacking until your special meter is charged. Dory then tells you how to perform a special attack. It is the same as in Duck Life Battle, wait until the circle meets with the other circle and click as soon as it does. Your duck's special attack does 6 damage, while Dory's does 4. When your hp is depleted to below 10, Dory gives you an apple which restores 10 of your hp. It doesn't matter if you win or lose to Dory, the game still goes on in the same way. Dory then sets up the player's menu, with an inventory button, a quests button, a map button, a system button, and your current objective. Dory then leaves to tell the mayor about the broken bridge. You then must explore Battle Town. The higher level, the better weapon and clothing. There is a dye shop to change the color of clothes which is a first in the Duck Life series. There is also a shop where you can buy snacks or items to use in battle. Finally, there is a weapon shop where you can buy weapons. There are coins scattered everywhere, a statue of Marco, and ducks eager to battle you. There is only one way out at the time, you must push open a gate at the edge of town, but in order to do so you must have at least level 10 in strength. There are also 2 training dojos in Battle Town. Unlike other Duck Life Games, one dojo is for a specific skill. There is a strength dojo and a health dojo. The Strength Dojo is symbolized by a red hand in front of the dojo. Strength increases your attack power and your climbing speed The game is strength beginner training and has a max level of 50. The strength minigame involves your duck running around collecting falling objects and stacking them. You can not let more than 3 items fall without you catching them or the game ends. As you level up every 10 levels, the game is upgraded and new things will be added. When reaching level 10 in strength, spike balls will fall and you must avoid them, when reaching level 20, your duck now has skates they can use to move faster and making catching stuff easier. Reaching level 30 replaces the skates and your duck now drives a car and unlocking the car stops the spike balls from appearing, level 40 brings the spike balls back as you are driving the car, and 50 the game is completed. The Health training dojo is symbolized by a green heart in front of the dojo. The max is 50 and it is beginner health training. Health increases your HP and your energy level in races. Your duck will throw forks at spinning objects above them. If a fork hits another fork it won't land on the object, ending the game. At level 10, you will sometimes now have to throw forks at the wall and have them bounce to the objects. Level 20 allows the objects to move around while spinning, and even when wall bouncing forks. At Level 30 the spinning direction will change after throwing a few forks, at level 40 you will now need to throw forks to defus bombs before they explode, ending the training game. At 50 the game is complete. You can battle the ducks in Battle Town for some money, food, and medals. Once you open the gate, your next objective is to reach Waterfall Village.

The Path to Waterfall Village (Path 1) Edit

After walking through the gate, you'll end up in a place called Mallard Meadows. There is no training or shops here you'll just have to keep going, but there are some ducks you can battle here if you want for more rewards. You must next enter Quack Cave, a dark cave you need to explore to find Waterfall Village. There are ducks to battle in the cave as well. Your map expands as you move so follow it to the glowing point. If you exit the cave you'll need to keep walking and you'll enter Waterfall Village.

Waterfall Village Edit

There are two sides of waterfall village, each one has different shops and a training dojo. You'll arrive by the left side. There is a sewer drain that leads back to battle town .(it may not be open at first) There is some shops, ducks to battle, and an endurance dojo which has a grey shield with a plus sign on the front. Endurance will reduce damage in battle as well as reduce the speed your energy drains in racing. Talk to the trainer to start Endurance Beginner Training. There are hooks on the cave roof and you need to press space to throw a rope and swing, you must keep repeating the process to level up. Falling ends the game. Reaching level 10 will add bounce pads to the game, and you must land on them to bounce to the next hook. They can also bounce you off the edge so you must be careful. Reaching level 20 adds spiked balls on chains you must swing over or under, as hitting it will end the training game. Level 30 adds hooks on the bottom of the cave for pole vaulting, and you must press space to pole vault just like swinging ropes. Level 40 increases the strength of your rope, and now it won't break when touching sharp rocks. Level 50 completes the game. If you cross the bridge to the other side of Waterfall village, you'll find Dory once again. Dory congragulates you for making it this far, but warns you that once you cross the bridge, nobody cares about battling on the other side and it's only racing. Dory then teaches you how to race. Your duck will run automatically. When Dory is a certain distance ahead of you, she'll tell you to click the screen to boost and catch up with her. This also consumes your energy just like in Duck Life Space. When your energy is almost up, Dory gives you an energy bar that gives you more energy. It doesn't matter if you beat her or she beats you, the game will go on. On the other side of Waterfall village, there will be racing shops. and ducks who will race you, and a speed training dojo with an orange clock on the front. Speed will increase your attack speed in battle, and your running speed in racing. Talk to the trainer to begin Speed Beginner Training. It takes place inside a volcano with rising lava. You must press 1 to go up platforms on the left, and press 2 to go up platforms on the right. You must go as high as you can before you touch any lava. Level 10 adds ladders to climb and you must hold the key depending on which side the ladder is on. Level 20 removes ladders and adds a third platform, which now means you must press 1 for left platforms, 2 for middle platforms, and 3 for right platforms. Level 30 keeps 3 platforms but adds ladders back in. Level 40 adds a fourth platform, which means you must use 1234. Level 50 completes the game. Your next objective is to reach Race Town.

The Path to Race Town Edit

You must head east until you reach lonely lake, where some ducks want to race you. There are 2 paths that will both lead to Race Town. One is quick canyon. There are ducks who will race you and it's just desert. Another is boatside bay. This path also has ducks who will race you. Both of these paths lead to another area called Plucker's Path that is just northeast of race town. Keep going southwest and then you'll be in race town.

Race Town (Path 1) Edit

At the entrance to town, you'll once again be greeted by Dory. Dory explains the tournament on Egg Island is now open, and there is a jumping trainer in Race Town. Jumping will allow you to jump off ledges in races, jump up ledges while exploring, and allows you to dodge enemy attacks in battle, with the higher your jumping level is gives you a better chance of dodging. Race town is very similar to Battle Town, and even has a statue of Marco just like in Battle Town. There are race shops, and two training dojos. There is Special and Jumping. The bridge to battle town has been fixed so you don't have to go around anymore. You can train in special right away but you must beat the tournament on Egg Island to train in jumping. The Special Dojo has a purple star on the front of it. Training in special decreases the amount of energy used when boosting in races and increases the speed the special meter recharges in battles. Talk to the trainer to begin Special Beginner Training. Your duck will drive a green tractor. The left arrow key tilts the tractor left and the right arrow key tilts the tractor right. You can flip the tractor when holding right and do wheelies by holding left. You must dodge crates and tilt to get up ledges with the tractor. Hitting anything with the front wheel ends the game. Reaching level 10 adds a crate destroyer on the bottom of the tractor so crates won't be a problem. Reaching Level 20 gives you extra xp for performing wheelies. Reaching Level 30 removes the crate destroyer, but replaces the green tractor with a faster, red one that moves and performs tricks faster. Reaching Level 40 gives you extra coins for performing back flips, and Reaching Level 50 completes the game. To learn jumping, return to Egg Island and enter the tournament first. This is where path 1 ends because path 2 leads to Egg Island Tournament as well.

Race Town (Path 2) Edit

If you chose to visit Race Town first, the bridge will break from Egg Island to Race Town. Dory will comment the same, but instead will teach you how to race first. She gives the same explanation as in path 1, and it won't matter who wins. Dory will set up your menu, and head off to tell the mayor about the bridge. This is where things begin to differ. Since you chose to visit race town first, the dojos will still be there, but the skills will be in different locations. Now, in race town (path 2) there is a speed and endurance dojo. The only way to leave race town is to be at level 10 in endurance, so you can run to the other side of the treadmills and hit the button to stop them. The minigames and trainers are the same for speed and endurance, the only difference being the location. After leaving Race Town, you will need to head to Waterfall Village.

The Path To Waterfall Village (Path 2) Edit

You'll head up on Plucker's Path and choose between Quick Canyon and Boatside Bay to get there. Soonm you'll be in Lonely Lake, and the Waterfall Village.

Waterfall Village (Path 2) Edit

Waterfall Village is different when choosing path 2. For example, you'll start on the right side of the village. The shops and ducks are the same, there will be a sewer that leads to race town, and the dojo on the right side is now strength instead of speed. When going to the left side, Dory will give you a plank and teach you how to battle. It doesn't matter who wins or not. The dojo on the left side is health instead of endurance, and now you'll need to reach Battle Town.

The Path to Battle Town Edit

You'll need to head east to Mallard Meadows and enter Quack Cave. It's still the same but you're going through it backwards. You'll then exit and continue on to Battle Town.

Battle Town (Path 2) Edit

At the entrance, you'll find Dory. She'll tell you the bridge is fixed. Battle Town is the same but now the training dojos are jumping and special. You'll need to enter Egg Island Tournament to continue on just like in Path 1.

Egg Island Tournament Edit

This is where both paths combine. There are three tournament categories that need to be won in order to win the tournament. You first need to win the racing tournament and the battling tournament. Then you'll be able to face off against the tournament champion. If you quit in the middle of any tournament you'll have to redo it. If you win a tournament section such as racing, that will be saved and you won't have to redo it if you exit the tournament and leave to do more training.

Racing Tournament Edit

You'll be competing against 5 other ducks in 3 races. The racing tournament is a little different than in the previous games. You'll earn points depending on which place you earn in each race. The higher place you get, the more points you earn. Whoever has the most points out of the 3 races wins.

Battling Tournament Edit

Upon clicking the Battle Tournament, you'll see a tournament bracket on the right and 3 battles. You'll need to win one to move on to the next, and all to win the battling tournament. If you win a battle, your duck will advance on the bracket, and move on to the next battle. If your duck loses any battles they'll have to restart the battle tournament. If you win all 3 battles you win the battling tournament.

The Champion Edit

You can only face off against the champion if you win both the racing and battling tournament. The Champion for this tournament is the mayor, who became mayor after winning the tournament. You'll need to beat him in a race and a battle. Once you do that, you'll win 5 bronze coins and one gold coin. And you can train in jumping.

Jumping Beginner Training Edit

After winning the Egg Island Tournament, you'll need to return to Battle Town or Race Town depending on which bridge you crossed in the beginning. Jumping has the most skill values, having 3 uses, while others only have 2. After learning to jump, you can jump up ledges while exploring, jump off ledges, and the higher your jumping level is, the better chance you have of dodging an opponent's attack, (even if it is a special attack) The jumping training dojo has a yellow stick figure jumping on the front. Talk to the trainer to finally begin Jumping Beginner Training. You'll need to press space to jump to higher branches, and you cannot go into any holes or windows. There are some branches that don't have any obstacles, and you can bump into the wall to turn around. Coins will be scattered around so you can jump and collect them. Reaching Level 10 adds spikes at the end of some walls, so you must be careful. Reaching Level 20 adds gaps in some branches, and you'll have to jump over them. Reaching Level 30 adds metal platforms with rocket boosters, and you have to jump at the right time to land on them and leave them. Reaching Level 40 adds disintigrating platforms that vanish when stepped on. Level 50 completes the game. After reaching any level in jumping training, you'll need to return to Waterfall Village. Jump up the ledge there. Your next objective is to reach duck city.

Reaching Duck City (Path 1) Edit

You'll go through cozy cove and feather forest to reach duck city, the only problem is, you can't just yet. You'll either have to swim across a river or fly over the abyss separating the city from the forest. You'll have to find the master trainer south from the river. Only to find his gate locked. One duck beside the gate has half of the key, and states that a duck in the santa costume has other half. Luckily, he is close to the gaet as well. In order to get the other half, you'll have to beat the santa duck in a race, and a battle. Winning both gives you the other half. you can then open the gate. The front of the dojo has a trophy symbol just like a tournament, but it's not a tournament. Upon entering you can talk to the master trainer, who gives you the option to learn flying or swimming. You'll learn both eventually, and the next few places you'll still visit, but what skill you pick decides what order you visit the next few places. This is again where the game splits into two paths. The first path is when you ask to learn flying from him. He will then decorate the dojo to look like a flying dojo. And the trophy on the front is replaced by a purple plane. Flying will help you fly in races, and fly over cliffs and abysses. Talk to the master trainer, to learn flying. You'll fly over a grassy area with bounce pads. You need to press space to dive and land on a bounce pad. Hitting one successfully will wear it out, but you will get bounced into the air. Different types of bounce pads will be added as you level up, and you cannot fly into a bounce pad by flying because it wall break it, and only diving will work There is also one other type of bounce pad there from level 0. Unlike normal bounce pads, which are red and white like targets. These ones are smaller, and purple and yellow. Diving and landing on these will give you 2 bronze coins. Reaching Level 10 adds broken bounce pads, which will not bounce you up but will break upon landing a dive, but they look different than normal ones so you can tell which ones are broken. Reaching Level 20 adds super bounce pads, which are the same size as regular bounce pads, but are blue, yellow, and have a yellow star in the middle. Landing on these turns them into a normal bounce pad, but it will bounce you very high into the air. Reaching Level 30 adds enemy ducks, who will fly around and land on bounce pads. When they land on a normal one it will become a broken bounce pad, so don't dive on those. When they land on a super bounce pad, it becomes a normal one. There is no effect when one lands on a purple bounce pad. They can also be knocked out by flying into them, just like in Duck Life Treasure Hunt. However, there will always be another after one is knocked out. Reaching level 40 adds moving bounce pads, which look similar to normal ones but the is green and white instead of red and has a device that lets it float int the air. Landing on one of these makes it fall to the ground, and the same happens when an enemy duck lands on it. Reaching level 40 completes the game. You can then fly over the abyss and reach duck city.

Duck City Grand Dojo Edit

Your next objective is to go to the grand dojo in duck city. There is a tournament here, shops, an arena, and an arcade. There are racing and battle shops. The arcade is closed due to maintennance. The arena is also locked. And you must get a ticket to enter the tournament. Entering the grand dojo leads you to find Master Cucu, who is the best trainer. He can train your skills up to level 100, and after reaching that level, you have mastered that skill. Though, you must be at level 50 in your skills to train in the grand dojo. If you don't have any skills in level 50, he'll pass you off as a weak duck and you can't train. There are training games for each of the 8 skills here, but you must be at level 50 in those skills to unlock them.

Health Pro Training Edit

In health pro training, you'll be riding a bike, and you can only brake with space. You just have to ride your bike over the terrain without flipping it over. Reaching Level 60 adds a tandem trailer to the back of your bike, and a second duck will ride with you on your bike. Nothing else changes. Reaching Level 70 adds contraptions and gizmos, such as seesaws and rotating platforms and platforms that lift you up. Reaching Level 80 changes the minigame entirely. Now, there is no more biking. You will be riding a 3 car roller coaster and your duck will be in the front. You'll need to press space to brake just like in the bike so you can go down hills faster and jump over gaps. If any car flips over it will detach from the coaster, and when the front car flips over, the minigame ends. Level 90 adds two more roller coaster cars, making it a 5 car roller coaster train. It's basically the same but with more weight and downhill speed. Reaching Level 100 completes the minigame, and your duck has mastered health.

Strength Pro Training Edit

In strength pro training, you'll chop ingredients to make recipes. Chopping an ingredient collects it and gives you xp. Chopping all the ingredients makes a food item and you'll get a big xp boost. If you chop the wrong ingredient instead of the one you need to grab, you'll get blown into the dumpster. Reaching Level 60 adds spikes you'll have to jump over while making recipes. Reaching Level 70 adds more gourmet food with higer ingredients. Reaching Level 80 adds spikes that will blow in the air like the ingredients. Reaching Level 90 removes all the spikes, but if you miss just one ingredient that you need, the minigame ends. Reaching Level 100 completes the game and your duck has mastered Strength.

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