Duck Life: Space

Duck Life Space is a 2016 game that takes place after Duck Life Treasure Hunt.

Story Edit

Your duck earns the crown from the treasure cave. You are happy with it until an alien duck steals it with his spaceship. You want your crown back, but it goes into space, and you are determined to chase it down. so you get on a spaceship and GO! You also have harder training as you move on to the next planet.

Gameplay Edit

Unlike Duck Life Treasure Hunt, it goes back to traditional gameplay: training and winning races. You also get an energy bar again. There are shops on each planet that you can spend money on,but sometimes it dosn't let you shop. Ducklife Space introduces a new skill called intelligence. This allows your duck to teleport through the use of portals.

Earth Edit

Earth is where you begin. Here, you have 3 training rooms: running, swimming, and flying. These are the only skills you can learn on Earth. There are 3 ducks. Beating the furthest right will get you a tournament ticket. Win the tournament on the red rocket and you go to the moon.

Moon Edit

The moon is the second planet. Here the max level is 40 as opposed to 20. There are 4 training rooms: Running 2, Swimming 2, Flying 2, and New Climbing room. There are 2 ducks. The one on the right gives you the tournament ticket. The tournament is on the orange rocket. Winning sends you to Mars.

Mars Edit

Mars is the third planet. The max level here is now 60. Here there are 5 training rooms: Running 3, Swimming 3, Flying 3, Climbing 2, and jumping. There are 2 ducks here. The pirate duck gives you the ticket after you beat it. The tournament is on a purple spaceship. Winning causes an alien duck to talk to you, not the one who stole your crown. He tells you he is running a tournament on a planet in a different galaxy and takes you aboard the ship. The ship then enters a portal. You then arrive on Terra.

Terra Edit

Terra is the fourth planet. Terra is a beautiful and flourishes planet full of plants. The max level is now 80. There are 6 training rooms: Running 4, Swimming 4, Flying 4, Climbing 3, Jumping 2, and Intelligence. There are 2 ducks here the right most gives you the tournament ticket. The tournament is on a building attached to a huge bird. Winning causes the tournament owner you met on Mars to appear. He congratulates you for winning and suddenly the Alien who stole your crown appears and states you were cheating. It is then revealed that the other Alien worked for him and he blows a bird call. Waking up the huge bird. The bird picks up your duck and flies off the planet and drops you on Freez.

Freeze Edit

Freeze is the fifth planet. Hence its name, it is a frigid and cold planet. The max level is now 100. There 6 training rooms: Running 5, Swimming 5, Flying 5, Climbing 4, Jumping 3, and Intelligence 2. There are 3 ducks here. The leftmost gives you the ticket. The tournament is on a floating black sphere like UFO. Winning the tournament allows you to go to Pyro, but not before a race with the alien duck, who declares you are worthy.

Pyro Edit

Pyro is the sixth and final planet. Pyro is hot and filled with lava and volcanoes. Unlike the other 5 planets, This one does not have a training facility. This is the home of the alien duck and his house is huge. There are 3 keys you need to unlock his house. There are 3 ducks and you need to beat all of them in a race to get the 3 keys. Once you reach him he challenges you to another race. Then a cutscene plays out. You are chasing him until he trips on a rock and your crown falls down a cliff. This is now a battle between the crown. This race is much different from others. You get to control your duck. Unlike the last race with him on Freez, The alien has a super barrier that allows him to fly through all the obstacles in the race. When you beat him you can buy the crown in the Pyro shop for free. You can also race people on facebook and now the max level is 255. This is not the end though.

Ending Edit

After Beating the Alien Duck a lady duck appears and tells you you can go home with the Aliens's space ship a cutscene plays: you run through the underground caverns of Pyro and find the alien's ship. You then have to fly back home. Once you reach Earth the Alien's house appears and you have to fight it. After defeating it you go home and are crowned champion of the universe. This game leads into Duck Life Battle.

Trivia Edit

  • Somehow in Ducklife Treasure Hunt, your duck's findings of the crown spread across the galaxy. This was the reason why the Alien Duck Stole your Crown.
  • The Alien Duck is very similar to the Fire Duck From Ducklife 4
  • They are the both the Final bosses of both Respective games.
  • Their race takes place in a Volcano world, Volcano in Ducklife 4, and Pyro in Ducklife Space.
  • They both have powers that let them fly through everything. The Alien Duck has a cape with a gem that creates a force field. The Fire Duck floates in Flame. These both help them fly through all the obstacles in the race
  • Besides being raced in their locations, They both live at their Locations. The Alien has a house which needs keys to unlock but the Fire Duck Simply appears after the volcano blows up.
  • Similarly, 3 keys must be obtained to reach both of them.
  • In both their races you get to control your duck.
  • Unlike the Fire Duck The Alien Duck has more encounters.
  • The Fire Duck had 2, he is mentioned in the intro and encountered after using the keys to unlock the box with the detonator and after pushing he appears and is angry at you for blowing up his volcano.
  • The Alien Duck had 5
  • He is first encountered in the intro where he steals the crown.
  • His next encounter is not until after beating the Terra Tournament Where he orders for the capture of your duck
  • His Third Encounter is after beating the Freez Tournament. Instead of doing something rude he instead decides your duck is worthy and challenges him/ her to a race.
  • During the race he does not use his suit even though he's wearing it.
  • After Beating him he flees to Pyro with the crown
  • This race could just be a test so he could see how well your duck raced as you race him again later.
  • His 4th Encounter is on his home Planet, Pyro.
  • After reaching him he challenges you to another race
  • He warns you that he has his suit which gives him powers.
  • He ends up losing the crown and the race is about reaching the bottom where the crown is.
  • After beating him the lady duck helps you to use his ship to get home
  • When reaching Earth his house appears and It is revealed to be a bigger ship
  • This is most likely Him driving it.
  • This possibly makes his 5th and final encounter.
  • He must be shot with the missles from the ship you are driving
  • This is the first actual boss fight in a Ducklife game where as the others were just races.
  • The Second was Duckland Waters from Ducklife Battle who was giving you the skills so he had somebody to battle
  • Similarly, Duckland also appears 5 times
  • The Alien is by far the first villain in the ducklife series with the first 4 being champions.
  • Technically in Ducklife Battle Duckland was not a villain becuase he was a challenger who gives you a reward but his intentions do make him a villain regardless of the game
  • It is revealed by the lady duck that he was causing problems on Pyro too. Since she is probably a local on Pyro.
  • This probably Means that the 3 ducks with the keys were his minions.
  • It is unknown how he managed to get people to work for them.
  • The cutscenes in Ducklife Space are shown in the form of a Comic book as are the text bubbles in cutscenes.
  • The Alien Duck has henchmen on Terra, and Pyro but none on Freez. Since he has a reputation on the last three planets he may be a ruler of that galaxy
  • Terra, Freez, and Pyro are in the Same Galaxy.
  • Freez can be seen from the sky in Terra.
  • This is the second time this happens where the next location was seen on the previous.
  • The first was the Moon being seen on Earth
  • He is probably the most appearing villain.
  • He is seen in the last cutscene of Ducklife Treasure Hunt but his face is never shown.
  • It its his ship and his shadow that are seen
  • He is also mentioned in Ducklife Battle.
  • Though he appears in multiple games his villainy was most seen in Ducklife Space.
  • This is a game that was the first continuation or a game and the first to then lead into another.
  • Unlike Ducklife 4 there are training facilities for every skill on a new planet you go to so you don't have to back track
  • Every planet has a training facility except Pyro
  • This is similar to the Volcano from Ducklife 4
  • They are both the final place you can go to
  • On math playground the ducks are sleeping, the shop is closed, and you cant play the tourement
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