Frank the Fire Duck
The Fire Duck
Vital statistics
Name Frank the Fire Duck
Color Orange
Species Cloned Duck
Also Called Fire Duck
Appearance(s) Duck Life 4

The Fire Duck/Frank is the main antagonist and final boss of Duck Life 4. It is found within the game's final area, the Volcano. In order to race it, you must win a race with the 3 other ducks, who'll give you a key in order to use a detonator, causing the volcano in the background to erupt, revealing the Fire Duck/Frank. On both the PC and Mobile versions, all of your stats (including Energy) have to be at 150, the max level a stat can be.

Race Edit

The race with the Fire Duck/Frank is different than all the other races. Instead of just watching, you have to control your duck, making sure they don't touch the lava, and getting to the end first. It's pretty much the same in both versions.

Race Rewards Edit

PC Edit

When defeating the Fire Duck/Frank on the PC version, you'll unlock the Arcade (which will cause your game to get permanently softlocked, even if you refresh the game page), and a special egg, where you can make a duck that looks like whatever you want. On the PC version, you must use the arrow keys to control your duck.

Mobile Edit

When defeating the Fire Duck/Frank on the mobile port, you'll again unlock the Arcade, which properly works, along with the 150 cap for all stats raised to 250, which is the first time in Duck Life history that you could train a stat past 150 without the use of glitches. On the mobile version, you must press the arrow buttons to control your duck.

Trivia Edit

  • From this game onwards, all the games in the series after Duck Life 4, excluding Treasure Hunt, Battle, and Adventure, had you control your duck in the final race.
  • In the beginning cutscene of Duck Life Treasure Hunt, it shows that after the Fire Duck was defeated, the volcano became dormant and peaceful, and returned to normal.
  • The skill cap being raised originally wasn't in the mobile port, but a later update since it was released added it, and has appeared in all the post-game rewards since then.
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