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Frank the Fire Duck
The Fire Duck
Vital statistics
Name Frank the Fire Duck
Color Orange
Species Cloned Duck
Also Called Fire Duck
Appearance(s) Duck Life 4

The Fire Duck, also known as Frank, is the main antagonist and final boss of Duck Life 4.


The Fire Duck is found within the game's final area, the Volcano. To access it, the player must first race and defeat all three other ducks in the area. Each will give the player a key that is used to unlock a single locked box, which will revel a detonator once opened. Activating the Detonator will cause the volcano to erupt, angering the Fire Duck, who will leave the volcano to face the player themselves.

On both the PC and Mobile versions of the game, the duck that is to race the Fire Duck must have maxed out stats, including Energy.


Unlike every previous race in the series, the player must control their duck during the race, using either the arrow keys on the PC version and arrow buttons on the mobile version. The race is essentially an obstacle course, with multiple lava pools and fireballs; if the player touches the lava, the race immediately ends in their defeat. To win, the player must reach the end before the Fire Duck. The course itself differs slightly between both versions.

Race Rewards[]


On the PC version, defeating the Fire Duck unlocks the Arcade (which will cause your game to get permanently softlocked, even if you refresh the game page), and a special egg, which creates a customizable duck.


On the mobile port, defeating the Fire Duck unlocks the Arcade, which properly works, along with the 150 cap for all stats being raised to 250.


  • The Alien Duck in Duck Life Space similarly requires the player to control their duck in its race.
  • As shown in the beginning of Duck Life: Treasure Hunt, the volcano the Fire Duck resided in became dormant and peaceful after its defeat, and attracted explorers to explore its depths.
  • The skill cap being raised originally wasn't in the mobile port, but a later update since it was released added it, and has appeared in all the post-game rewards since then.