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In this series, there are a total of 8 games.

Duck Life - Released in 2007.

Duck Life 2: World Champion - Released in 2008

Duck Life 3: Evolution- Released in May 6, 2011, it's about training the farmer's new genetically modified Ducks.

Duck Life 4: King of ducks Released on March 2012, taking place one year after the events of Duck life 3.

Duck Life Treasure Hunt- Released in 2014, taking place after Duck Life 4, once the evil duck is defeated in Duck Life 4 his volcano home becomes dormant, there are treasures hidden in the volcano caves. Adventurers come from all over to explore the dormant volcano caves and get rich.

Duck Life Space - Released on Steam on May 2017. The game takes place after Duck Life Treasure Hunt. Your Duck is showing their crown off to some other ducks, when an alien duck gets jealous and swoops in and steals your crown.

Duck Life Battle - Released on Google Play and App Store on August 1st 2018, taking place after the events of Duck Life Space, your Duck, again, is showing off your crown you got from Duck Life Treasure Hunt after getting it back from the alien duck, when a tornado swoops in, sending your duck off to a farm, where there isn't any racing, but battling.

Duck Life Adventure - Released on Steam On June 22 2020 and App Store on June 30 as well as July 7 for Google Play. It was also released on Nintendo Switch on November 9, 2020 and on December 4th 2020 it will release on XBOX One. The game takes place after Duck Life Battle, however it is not continuing with the the same story as the previous 7 games did. Multiple characters appear from previous Duck Life games, such as the mayor from Duck Life Treasure Hunt and Master Cucu from Duck Life Battle. You play as a duck with a mysterious backstory who has ran away from their mother due to her not supporting their dream of being an adventure. You can compete in racing and battling as you try to become the greatest adventure in all of duck history. There are 16 minigames with 5 different variations for each, in a way making around 80 different games as the developers state.

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