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In this series, there are a total of 7 games:

DuckLife - Released in 2007, it's about training your Duck to restore your farm.

DuckLife 2: World Champion - Released in Summer 2008, it's about winning races to be the world's greatest Duck.

DuckLife 3: Evolution- Released in May 6, 2011, it's about training the farmer's new genetically done Ducks which specializes in different things and in this process the ducks overthrow the humans and create a civilization.

DuckLife 4- Released on March 2012, taking place after ducklife 3, a duck has turned evil from the chemicals and is super powered and you need to stop him by training and racing.

DuckLife Treasure Hunt- Taking place after DuckLife 4, there are treasures hidden in the volcano caves and plays similarly to 2D endless runner games.

Duck Life Space - Released on Steam on May 2017. The game takes place after ducklife 5 it's about an alien becoming jealous of you since in duck life 5 if you get to the end of the volcano's cave you get a crown, so he steals it and now you have to get it back IN SPACE!

Duck Life Battle - Released on Google Play and AppStore on August 1st 2018, it's about battling other ducks and winning tournaments to progress.

If you want to see an indept look at the ducklife timeline check out Mega the boy at He will be posting that video very soon.Edit