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Skill seed is a kind of seed that boosts all of your duck's skills in Duck Life, but only powers energy levels in the rest of the games. It is an expensive alternative to the seed, which is only usable in the first and second Duck Life games. The skill seed cost ten gold coins in Duck Life. It costs fifteen gold coins in Duck Life 2, Duck Life 3 and Duck Life 4.


  • Skill seeds can still be bought after every skill is at maximum on every version.
  • In some game sites that are fan made, you may go into fullscreen and the area where the screen is cut off reveals a skill seed floating inside the area near the fossit that dispenses them. This only occurs in Duck Life 4.


  • Skill seed may be based off the Nickelodeon TV series "Fairly Oddparents" episode "Farm Pit".

See Also[]

  • Seed- A cheaper but less reliable alternative.