Training is the most important aspect of all the Duck Life Games. 

Running TrainingEdit

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Duck Life Edit

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Use the up arrow to jump over obstacles while collecting as many coins as possible. The training ends when you get trampled by an object or jump on an object. The placement of obstacles will vary from session to session but are generally the same at the start. The two images to the right are the obstacles, which are wooden logs and stones.

Duck Life 2 Edit

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The controls are generally the same, using the arrow keys to navigate through the obstacles. Although, this time there are objects that go above your head now. The baseball will go above your head so make sure to not jump on that obstacle. You may also jump onto these objects now and not get harmed. The three images to the right are the obstacles: basketballs, baseballs, and oranges.

Duck Life 3 Edit

In this game, there are 3 leagues, each with different running training mechanics.


This mainly has the same aspects of Duck Life 1 and 2, except there are more obstacles and you will gradually gain MPH, a new feature of Duck Life 3. The two images on the right are the obstacles: melons, and tennis balls, which bounce up and down, which can make for a hard obstacle. 
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Swimming TrainingEdit

Duck Life Edit

Use up, down, left or right arrow to avoid obstacles while collecting many coins as possible as you can. The training will end if you stuck on obstacles. These obstacles are a boat, buoy, cruise, iceberg, island, and pole.